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This page still WIP!

This page still WIP!

This page still work in progress.

The terms displayed on the page are all valid but may be changed. All the terms are subject to the version when you submit the request.

update: 02/Jan/2022


At the beginning

Hello, And welcome! Thanks for your support to my creation and love for my works. You can find everything you need to know before you send commission request.

Before you continue

Befor you start to send me the request, you must confirm that Your age passed the legal age of majority in your country or region!

If your country or region does not have this(legal age) requirement, you must be over 18 years old!


You can check out the work status and progress, here is the link: work status



The following content will explain the illustration formation (Frame, Size etc.) and contents requirement. Please read the requirements carefully, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

The price of different types of illustrations will be displayed in the payment section.


Digital illustrations will follow this format:

▪ 8bit color

▪ 4000 pixels * 4000 pixels Base size

▪ 2500 pixels Minimum side length


The content of this commissions can be varied, but for now all contents should be mostly SFW (safe for work), otherwise it will not be accepted. I respect everyone's preferences, but I still intend to make the following restrictions.

The content should be SFW in general, but following contents are allowed:

▪ Slight violence

▪ Slight wounds and blood

▪ Restraint

▪ Full nudity within the acceptable range (Please don't try arbitrary)

Following contents are NOT allowed.

▪ Sexual activity

▪ Full nudity with overexpressed sex organs (Huge, exaggerated etc.)

Please note, if your requirement contain elements shown above, will most likely be marked as mature content

The rules may change at any time, everything is subject to the rules at the time of the request. Confirmed requests will not be restricted by the above rules.



All commissions can be divided into different categories:non-payment(Gift, or any other contents without transaction), non-commercial and commercial.

Please follow the rules below to use your product.

Request and permissions


I reserve the authorship of all art pieces I made.

I have permission to do the following activity(including but not limited to):

▪ I may public commission content on social media

▪ I may public commission content on my personal website

▪ I may use Non-payment content for profit

All characters should belongs to their owners.

All Fan Art should be nun-commercial, unless you has the right to use these characters.

If you think I compromised your rights, please contact me immediately.



Not yet set a fixed price but here is a reference price for nun-commercial commission request:

▪ Small scale sketch(Avatar, Bust etc) : around 25 GBP(£)

▪ Illustration(Detail avatar, concept, single character etc.) : around 50 GBP(£)

▪ Large scale Illustration(Full body, Multiple characters, Landscape etc.) : from 60 up to 150 GBP(£)

If you want to know my drawing style, you can check my Gallery

Trading rules

▪ All fees will be paid after completion

▪ For items with a value of more than 100 GBP(£), a 20% deposit must be paid before the start of production. Pay the remaining 80% after completion

▪The deposit can be refunded only before the start of production


The currency I use is GBP(£), if you use another currency to pay you may charge extra such as currency conversion fees from PayPal. Please pay attention to changes in exchange rates

Payment method

Use PayPal invoices for transactions

PayPal Logo

Use Starling settleup as an alternative (UK only)

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